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"New standard kendama is born!"

I want to make a kendama that I can enjoy playing with kendama of my favorite color. And kendama with the idea that it will be a bridge that connects smiles.

Its name is 【 RAINBOW 】

With the image of rainbow colors, the color starts from 7 colors!

With a colorful variety of colors, it is a lineup that you can enjoy coordinating according to your taste. This model is recommended for both beginners and advanced kendama players, as it has high processing accuracy and details that make it easier to succeed in kendama.


- Like the once-loved "Mumoto Kendama" From 2004 to 2009, Iwata Mokko produced approximately 10,000 Yumemoto kendama for competitions. Kendama has long been popular in 9 colorful colors in the era of "red".

Due to its high processing accuracy and ability to perform tricks easily, it became a hot topic, with top-ranked players using it at the national kendama tournament. It is no longer manufactured and sold, and it has become a legendary kendama that is still passed down. "RAINBOW" was born as a kendama that inherits the DNA of "Mumoto Kendama".



●Coloring: A color scheme that makes it easy to see the rotation of the holes and balls with a pastel color gradation. Light coloring is achieved by stacking 8 layers of finish. It has a moist matte grip finish.

●Ease of use: The plate is large and the middle plate has a hexagonal hole, which increases the success rate of tricks.

●Long-lasting: Multiple coats of the groundwork are applied to increase durability, and the ball's coating is long-lasting thanks to its own development. By using carefully selected wood, the kendama is hard to break. The specially processed tip of the kendama makes it three times stronger than regular kendama.

●Patented technology: Replaceable sword tip is the only patented technology in the industry. By making the tip replaceable, the shape of the kendama can be maintained without changing the length of the sword.

●Manufacturing: The high precision that has been achieved since the manufacture of "Mumoto Kendama". It is a kendama with little out of shape and individual differences. What we aim for is Kendama that can be used for a long time. We support the best Kendama experience with high technology that has been refined.

●Sound: A high-pitched and comfortable Kendama sound when a trick is successful. Even the echo of the sound at the moment the technique is decided is exhaustively calculated.

〇String slit adopted 〇Middle countersunk type


[Material] Ball: Sakura Ken: Beech Tip: Resin String: Nylon Accessories: Spare string, sticker, manual Ken length: 163mm Plate width: 72mm Ball diameter: 61mm Large plate diameter: 47.5mm Small plate diameter: 43mm Middle plate diameter: 38mm Coating: Smooth matte grip coating

Accessories: Spare string, sticker, manual -


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●Customers who purchase MUGEN MUSOU will receive a special paper bag.

●One special paper bag is provided for each order, but if you need as many paper bags as you ordered (MUGEN MUSOU only), please write "paper bags for the number of bags required" in the remarks column when ordering. please give me. *Kendama other than MUGEN MUSOU does not come with a paper bag.

*Because it is a wooden product, there are individual differences in weight, wood grain, knots, and color. Please note that the color of the product photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to monitor settings, etc.

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