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Only repacked bead-sized and high-precision ABEC5 bearings included with the "Twist Bearing", a must-have item that dramatically reduces "string twist", which can be said to be the natural enemy of kendama!

Bearings have now become an essential item in place of kendama beads.

The high-quality ABEC5 miniature bearings, which are generally difficult to obtain, can sustain not only high-speed rotation, but also slow rotation. Assist effectively.

Easy to use. Just replace the beads on the string of your favorite kendama with bearings. A small pack of bearings is perfect for carrying around as a spare.

"KENHOL BEARING 5PACK" which you can't think of without this once you use it!

- Product contents: Bearing (ABEC5 / steel) x 5, sticker 1 type

● Rotation may not be stable due to interference between the string hole and the string. ●Please note that applying excessive force or giving a strong impact may cause damage. ● Avoid high humidity, and if rust or damage occurs, immediately stop using and be sure to replace with a new one. ●There is a possibility of accidental ingestion, so please keep it out of reach of children. ●We do not guarantee any personal injury, property damage, accident, etc. when using without observing the above precautions.

Target age 9 years old and over

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