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Authentic grill set -AWESOME-

Authentic grill set -AWESOME-

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Born in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the birthplace of Kendama, the legendary Kendama “Mumoto Kendama” is manufactured by a craftsman who is loved not only in Japan but around the world.

Suggestion of new dining table

From the usual dining table to a special dining table with "manufacturing" calculated from design to exhaustion

Manufacturing that realizes what you want

"The iron plate is good, but it's troublesome to set up and clean up ..."

"The hot plate doesn't have enough heat . It's big and takes up a lot of space."

“If I have one, I want something that doesn’t overlap with other people !”

I wanted to solve such a problem, so I developed a full-fledged grill set.


Based on the concept of "Easier and more special dining table".

Installation takes only 1 minute!

From assembly to disassembly, preparation is quick and easy.

The compact design does not take up much space!

Easy and convenient with a trendy storage method when storing!

File box storage, which is popular recently, is designed to be just the right size, so if you use a commercially available file box, the storage space will be optimized!

It takes up about 1/3 of the space of a hot plate, and the grill set and plate can be stored together. Even if there is little storage space, it is just the right size.

The design of the trivet has a meaningful shape

Too much excess oil during cooking spoils the taste of the ingredients. However, if the oil is too little, the umami will be lost, and the meat will not be cooked juicy.

That's why I came up with the idea of a gentle slope

➨Please install it on the Wood base according to the direction. With a gentle slope, excess oil flows little by little.

(Please try on a horizontal table.)

black steel plate "Thickness 6 mm" This is delicious!

Compared to a thin iron plate, the heat is transmitted to the ingredients in a wide range, and the inside is deliciously baked.

The outside of the meat is crispy and the inside is plump! Excess oil is designed to flow

Even though it is easy to set up, it can be cooked at high temperatures

Many hot plates are set to 250°C even at high temperatures, and it may be difficult to obtain a temperature higher than that.

AWESOME uses solid fuel , so if you use two of them, the temperature will exceed 300°C. In charcoal grilling, the temperature exceeds 400°C, so it may burn quickly, but once it reaches a certain temperature, it will not continue to rise.

(We recommend using solid fuel for 30 minutes or longer.)


do you know? How to enjoy [Ikutetsu]!

You can continue to use it without rusting if you use a sheathing like a Dutch oven.

By using it for a long time, you will become attached to it, but you can also prevent it from burning or sticking by soaking it in various oils. And above all, it will be finished in a good color. Please raise it to your own original iron plate.

It's not just a black steel plate . solid design

By digging a shallow and small groove around it, you can create a flow of excess oil. Conversely, if the groove is too deep or too wide, the way heat is transferred will change, and it will be difficult to remove dirt and other contaminants.

The bolt is designed when placed on a wood base.

Also, if the iron plate hits the wood directly, the heat of the iron plate will decrease, so do not touch the wood.


Also, the Wood base has a dedicated hole.

By setting bolts in the four corner holes, the iron plate can be fixed, and the exquisite inclination allows excess oil to drain .

Wood base is also prepared for such usage.

Instead of the steak plate side, if you turn it over, it becomes a cutting board.

You can use it for preparation before grilling, or you can leave the cut meat as it is.

It is a greedy wood base that can be used in 3 ways: (1) trivet stand (2) steak plate (3) cutting board.

Uses heat and water resistant coating. Clears the Food Sanitation Law 

I prepared a special paint. The wood base and wood plate have the same coating, so they are resistant to burning even when using fire, and are resistant to oil stains and water, so they are easy to clean.

(Cannot be used in the dishwasher)

Confrontation with materials Selection of timber born from the “Fun wood brand”

Valuable parts are used even in high-grade wood "Walnut"

We carefully select wood to improve its value. Laminated wood is not used, so you can feel the beautiful grain of the wood.

What can be achieved by hybrid manufacturing of wood and metal

The dedicated grip is designed according to the angle when lifting.

The combination of walnut and iron gives it a highly designed shape like no other.

All dedicated scrapers are also produced consistently at our own factory. Simultaneous processing of wood and metal achieves accuracy in units of 0.05 mm

The special scraper has the shape of kendama , which is also the company's spirit, as a motif!

Calculations are made down to the smallest detail, and with this scraper, even dirty grooves can be collected with the shape created.

Designed to fit into narrow grooves for easy cleaning

The trick to cleaning is to apply a little oil while it's still warm, and press it firmly with a special scraper to remove it.

Power of Wood plate

If it is just a plate, the dressing of vegetables and meat juice will flow and the table will be dirty.

Also, if you carve around the plate, it will be unsanitary because it will be difficult to remove the dirt when you wash it.

Therefore, by engraving the entire surface a little, we designed it so that the liquid does not easily flow even though it looks flat.

The wood plate is a single plate, so the wood grain is beautiful and can be used in a variety of situations to create a stylish space.

Enjoy your dining table with AWESOME.

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