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SOL Kendamas Vibes Series / SOL Kendamas Vibes Series

SOL Kendamas Vibes Series / SOL Kendamas Vibes Series

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SOL Kendamas Vibes Series / SOL Kendamas Vibes Series

From SOL Kendama " Vibes series adopts SOL's unique "1UP Shape".

12 unique colors designed by each member of SOL. You can even find your favorite one! You can enjoy all colors side by side! is.

*Please be careful not to make a mistake when choosing the color.

Second photo: Mister CA

Photo 3: Ringmaster

4th photo: Skol

Photo 5: Kyrie

Photo 6: Berry Trio

Photo 7: Dash

Photo 8: Tozai

Photo 9: Voyager

Photo 10: Daizey

Photo 11: Bullseye

Photo 12: Rainier

Photo 13: Mari

Photo 1 4th: Scarface

Photo 15: Flamingo


●Medium countersunk type, bearing standard equipment.

Ken: Maple

Ball: beech

Painting: Sticky (petapeta) painting

Accessories: Replacement string, bearings

*As this is an imported product, there may be damage such as scratches on the package. Thank you for your understanding. *Depending on the stock status, we may not be able to meet your weight request.

* Because it is a wooden product, there are individual differences in wood grain, knots, and color. Please note that the color of the product photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to monitor settings, etc.

*Because it is a mass-produced product, there may be variations in processing accuracy and weight, so please be forewarned.

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