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MUGEN MUSOU "Hiroshima Like" series

MUGEN MUSOU "Hiroshima Like" series

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MUGEN MUSOU "Hiroshima Like"

Kendama that charms Hiroshima with colors

<Momiji Red> Vermilion in the image of the torii of Miyajima and the red of autumn leaves

<Peace Green> Fresh green land and green with a wish for peace

<Setouchi Blue> The abundant resources of the Seto Inland Sea and the sparkling blue of the gentle waves New Grip coating We have reached a new grip feeling after many prototypes. Please enjoy the grip of the new feel.

● Tip replacement technology (patented) Kendama that is used hard will inevitably lose its tip part and wear out. Therefore, we developed a kendama that lasts more than three times longer by using a replaceable resin material for the tip. The replaceable resin is "too hard and the ball hurts, and too soft and the ball bounces", so after many tests, we developed an original blend of ABS and PP resin, which is the optimum hardness for kendama. I was able to get

●Balance The design and manufacture of the Ken, Sarado, and Ball are all done in-house, so the balance is perfect.

●Ball The trajectory of the ball is stabilized by making the ball as close to a true sphere as possible.

●Grip property By setting the grip property for each theme, the adhesion to the ball will also change, and the success rate of the technique will increase.

●Color Color matching know-how and polishing/painting techniques are used to create deep and beautiful colors such as metallic pearls.

Ken material: Beech Ball material: Yamazakura

Coating: Special urethane coating

Accessories: Spare string

Ken height: 16.3 cm

Ball size: 6.1 cm

Platter: 4.65 cm

Small plate: 4.25 cm

Middle plate: 3.85 cm

● String slit adopted

● Tip replacement tip type <Optional tip replacement tip page>

IWATA homepage

●Customers who purchase MUGEN MUSOU will receive a special paper bag.

●One special paper bag is provided for each order, but if you need as many paper bags as you ordered (MUGEN MUSOU only), please write "paper bags for the number of bags required" in the remarks column when ordering. please give me.

*Kendama other than MUGEN MUSOU does not come with a paper bag. *This type does not have a hole in the middle plate.

*Because it is a wooden product, there are individual differences in weight, wood grain, knots, and color. Please note that the color of the product photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to monitor settings, etc.

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