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KENDAMA USA Improved Nova Shape - Fishcake V2

KENDAMA USA Improved Nova Shape - Fishcake V2

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KENDAMA USA Improved Nova Shape - Fishcake V2

The new Kaizen series is a very unique model with Naruto (kamaboko) and ramen designs. The large Naruto pattern printed on the top of the ball is novel! In addition, the entire ken is engraved with a ramen-themed pattern.

The Nova shape is slightly larger overall than the conventional shift shape, and has a hole in the middle plate.

* Glossy sticky paint

*Medium countersunk hole type

Ken Height: 16.3cm

Platter diameter: 4.7cm

Small plate diameter: 4.4cm

Middle plate diameter: 4.1cm

Ken Shape: Nova Shape

Ken material: maple

Ball material: maple

Painting: Super sticky painting

Accessories: Replacement string, sticker, instruction manual


*Because it is a wooden product, there are individual differences in wood grain, knots, and color. Please note that the color of the product photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to monitor settings, etc. *Please note that this is a mass-produced product, so there may be slight variations in processing accuracy and weight.

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